Check out OCA’s Remaining 2014 Programs

Ardela and I are excited about the remaining programs we have lined up for the rest of our year together. Our adventure includes: people_meeting4

  • Strategic case study from the ROI Institute
  • Daryl Conner's deep and reflective practice combined with OD and change management initiatives (I like to refer to as being self aware)
  • Linkage, Inc. will outline the William Bridges’ Transition model of psychological re-orientation

All three programs will meet and exceed objectives by providing up-to-date methodology, skills, practice, and awareness in the fields of organization development and change management. These programs cross over many fields of practice -internal or external professionals- who approach programs and people with structured models of engagement.

For December, we’ll use our time together to tune into our Service Committee and Special Interest Groups, and begin to plan 2015 programs. Please send your program ideas to The program proposal form is on the Events menu on our website.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Susan and Ardela!


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