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Finding Their Forte: Let’s Disrupt Talent on Purpose

In this workshop, we will engage participants in an exploratory series of discussions aimed at disrupting talent infrastructures in a way that connects people to their work purpose and positions them to more organically thrive and perform.

  1. Understand a purpose-driven approach to talent and leadership development.
  2. Gather insights on the business and value proposition for purpose and talent.
  3. Inspire action and involvement in moving talent and organizations forward with purpose as an accelerant.




Reggie Hammond

Reggie Hammond is committed to his mission to help people, teams and organizations live their purpose in their projects, business, careers and lives. He focuses on helping professionals find their forte through optimizing their passions, gifts/strengths and market-rewarding motivations in a way that impacts their purpose and the world around them. He uses this approach to help leaders drive purpose and engagement in their teams and organizations.


Reggie has a long, successful track record of enhancing the performance of individual executives, teams and organizations. His experience encompasses driving both individual and business performance for his clients. He has committed his professional career to delivering business critical initiatives for the individuals and organizations he has engaged through consulting, leading and coaching.


He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Your Crescendo.  His clients include Coca-Cola Enterprises, Turner Broadcasting, Atlanta Public Schools, Navigator Management Consulting, Accenture and Deloitte.


A former Vice President of Exervio Management Consulting and Accenture consultant, Reggie earned an MBA from The Ohio State University in Operations and Finance and a BS from Albany State University in Marketing.



Price: $0.00

Date: April 19, 2018

Available Spaces: 43

The Shocking Truth About Faith in the Workplace: The Impact of Core Beliefs on Change

The ability of individuals and organizations to thrive and come back stronger in difficult situations (resilience) has a direct correlation to how well they adapt to and drive rapid disruptive change. Join Jennifer Eggers for an insightful and interactive discussion about resilience and the connection between resilience, faith, adaptive leadership and change…and why faith is critical at work.


After attending this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify and understand the core components of resilience
  2. Link the importance of resilience to the ability to both adapt to and drive organizational change
  3. Understand the implications of being clear on core beliefs and why faith is important in the workplace


Regardless of where you put your faith (God, Buddha, Nature, your lucky rabbit’s foot, etc.) this session seeks to inspire and equip – not to espouse any particular faith.



Jennifer Eggers

Jennifer is the President of LeaderShift® Insights, Inc., a consulting firm with deep expertise in aligning leaders and teams.  She is an innovative leadership and organization development executive with a passion for creating insights that improve the quality of life in corporate America one leader at a time.  With a strong bias for execution and a proven ability to impact results due to her early operational background, her broader expertise is in ‘strategy to execution’ and driving sustainable change.  Jennifer has a unique ability to align diverse stakeholders, global experience in both consulting and corporate roles.  This has enabled her integrated approach to developing leaders and organizations, optimizing talent, structure and processes while enabling organizational change and productive dialog.

Jennifer has been coaching executives for over 20 years, has earned two coaching certifications and is known for orchestrating experiences that drive alignment and results of senior level teams.  She has worked with entire leadership teams, officers and directors of many Fortune 500 companies.  She facilitates sustainable behavior change and enables  leaders to advance their ability to create breakthrough performance through others.

A former Partner with Cambridge Leadership Group, Vice-President, Leadership Development & Learning for Bank of America, and Global Director of Organization Development for Coca-Cola Enterprises, Jennifer has held several other senior roles in Learning, Organization & Leadership Development at AutoZone, Honeywell and NCR.  She has designed and executed large-scale change initiatives including mergers, restructuring, talent management, capability modeling and team development.  Blending people and process improvement strategies for executives and teams, Jennifer delivers powerful leadership programs and has coached leaders at all levels with demonstrable results.


Price: $10.00

Date: June 14, 2018

Available Spaces: 20