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The Shocking Truth About Faith in the Workplace: The Impact of Core Beliefs on Change

The ability of individuals and organizations to thrive and come back stronger in difficult situations (resilience) has a direct correlation to how well they adapt to and drive rapid disruptive change. Join Jennifer Eggers for an insightful and interactive discussion about resilience and the connection between resilience, faith, adaptive leadership and change…and why faith is critical at work.


After attending this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify and understand the core components of resilience
  2. Link the importance of resilience to the ability to both adapt to and drive organizational change
  3. Understand the implications of being clear on core beliefs and why faith is important in the workplace


Regardless of where you put your faith (God, Buddha, Nature, your lucky rabbit’s foot, etc.) this session seeks to inspire and equip – not to espouse any particular faith.



Jennifer Eggers

Jennifer is the President of LeaderShift® Insights, Inc., a consulting firm with deep expertise in aligning leaders and teams.  She is an innovative leadership and organization development executive with a passion for creating insights that improve the quality of life in corporate America one leader at a time.  With a strong bias for execution and a proven ability to impact results due to her early operational background, her broader expertise is in ‘strategy to execution’ and driving sustainable change.  Jennifer has a unique ability to align diverse stakeholders, global experience in both consulting and corporate roles.  This has enabled her integrated approach to developing leaders and organizations, optimizing talent, structure and processes while enabling organizational change and productive dialog.

Jennifer has been coaching executives for over 20 years, has earned two coaching certifications and is known for orchestrating experiences that drive alignment and results of senior level teams.  She has worked with entire leadership teams, officers and directors of many Fortune 500 companies.  She facilitates sustainable behavior change and enables  leaders to advance their ability to create breakthrough performance through others.

A former Partner with Cambridge Leadership Group, Vice-President, Leadership Development & Learning for Bank of America, and Global Director of Organization Development for Coca-Cola Enterprises, Jennifer has held several other senior roles in Learning, Organization & Leadership Development at AutoZone, Honeywell and NCR.  She has designed and executed large-scale change initiatives including mergers, restructuring, talent management, capability modeling and team development.  Blending people and process improvement strategies for executives and teams, Jennifer delivers powerful leadership programs and has coached leaders at all levels with demonstrable results.


Price: $25.00

Date: June 21, 2018

Available Spaces: 23

Jazzed Up! Why We Are Motivated to Drive and Influence Change

John Deel will present an interactive workshop where we will seek to understand WHY we practice the art and science of change.  Research has proven that people’s behaviors are more likely to change when they know and understand the WHY.  We will “get real” and share our interests, concerns and barriers as Change Management Professionals and discuss what can be done to address those concerns.

  1. You will feel inspired that you are an OCM professional – and if you are in another profession, you will be leaping fences to join
  2. You will be challenged to think differently about OCM
  3. You will be equipped with a story or two to help you as an OCM practitioner



John Deel

John is the Chief Executive Officer of Closework Consulting Partners, LLC.  He is thankful and humbled to be branded by his customers as an Organizational Change Management (OCM) "sensei" and leader of the people side of change.  John is a seasoned management consultant with over 35 years of experience spanning multiple industries and business functions within Fortune 500 companies.


Graduating from VA Tech with a Computer Science degree, he spent his first 20 years in IT and navigated to the top rank of CIO.  John then turned his focus spending his last 15+ years as an Organizational Change Management Practitioner (traveling globally) and is now recognized for his leadership and delivery of enterprise wide digital transformation and business results.  He likes to leverage his unique ability to enhance relationships between IT and people.  John is a credible and influential coach (from shop floor to C-Suite) and embraces the importance of client engagement, becoming a trusted advisor and giving back.


John enjoys spending time with family (especially his 16-year-old daughter, Sophia), playing tennis with his wife Kathy and seeking quiet time fishing and playing golf (15 index).


Price: $15.00

Date: July 19, 2018

Available Spaces: 48

Using Brain Science to Impact Change and Learning

In this month's presentation, Carla DiGiovanni will explain the basics in brain science.  We will examine how other functions apply this science to achieve business results, and learn how to apply science to change and learning programs.  Important takeaways will include:

  1. Scientific facts to validate an innovative change approach
  2. Parameters to hold yourself accountable to effective learning
  3. Introduction to mindfulness brain science for personal use



Carla DiGiovanni

Carla DiGiovanni is an independent consultant that specializes in integrated change management and training programs. She has over twenty years experience in both consulting and in-house roles working with all organizational levels from the front line to the C suite. Given that much of her career focus has been in sales and marketing, Carla became very interested in the psychology that is used to engage the target consumer/customer.

Personally, while dealing with some health issues, Carla became cognizant of the “mind, body, spirit” connection. Thus began her personal journey with mindfulness. Over time, overlaps started to emerge between the things she was learning about the brain on her personal journey and the psychology of marketing. The more she educated herself on the overlaps, the clearer it became that we could pivot these insights and focus on internal employees. She now leverages the brain connections from many aspects of life and work to make change management and training programs more rich and impactful.


Price: $25.00

Date: August 16, 2018

Available Spaces: 50