Meeting Recap: How to Influence Difficult People with Dee Daley

At the OCA meeting on July 23, presenter Dee Daley walked us through the Social Styles model, developed by Dr. David Merrill and Roger Reid. By moving along two different axes drawn with painters' tape on the floor, the group self-selected into four different groups:  Drivers, Expressers, Relators, and Analyzers. The conversation started with each quadrant discussing and sharing what they liked about themselves, and their pet peeves about their polar opposites. It became clear that people in other quadrants may be perceived as "difficult" to work with, even though it was really a matter of having different social styles.

The conversation turned to how you can better influence people in other quadrants by temporarily flexing your style to better match theirs. A role play demonstration was captured on video and is shared below. In the demonstration, Tiffany Yates (an Expresser) is the change manager, who is trying to convince project sponsor Heather Stagl (an Analyzer) to be a more active participant in the project.



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