Member Spotlight: Aaronde S. Creighton

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Company Name: Pique -
Company Founded in: 2013
Business Industry: Consulting
Target Market: Small to Medium Sized Enterprises
OCA Member Since: 2010


What makes OCA Atlanta important to you?

Having a professional association of peers that allows me to exchange ideas and test out new theories in a safe environment.

How long have you been practicing organization development / change management?

I have been a practitioner for 10 years.

How did you become interested in organizational change?

After being involved in a RIF and BPO project, I learned the value of change management practices and the importance of leadership effectiveness. That project sent me on the path of learning OD.

How does your current role link to OD/CM?
I am able to talk to C-level executives about how leadership effectiveness becomes that competitive advantage in their business and with that information and the supporting facts and research that our colleagues in OD/CM have compiled, I am able to give voice to the behind the scenes work that many in our field do.

Where do you see the field of OD/CM headed in the future?

In order to continue being recognized as a viable field for business, we have to combine our research with practice. This means that the academics need to step out of the classroom to test and confirm that the work they are doing is relevant in the real world.

How have you been involved in OCA?

I am currently the Chair-Elect for 2015.

What do you consider are your most valuable skills you can offer someone?

The most valuable tool that any of our colleagues can offer is an attentive ear, so that we can truly hear the needs of our clients.


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