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Jess Villegas

Getting to know Jess...

Company Name: Leading Concepts Group, Inc.
Company Founded in: 1999
Business Industry: Business Consulting
Target Market: Small to Mid-size businesses requiring support in Strategic Design and Execution, Leadership and Management, and Organizational Development
OCA Member Since: 2012

What makes OCA Atlanta important to you?

The collegial nature of the group and my belief that OCA is the most substantive community of organizational development practitioners in Atlanta.

How long have you been practicing organization development / change management?

Consistently since the mid 1990s, either as an executive, mid-level manager, or a business consultant

How did you become interested in organizational change?

As long I have been in the business workforce, which is since 1980 in the areas of accounting, logistics, operations, and business development, I have intuitively understood that individuals and organizational systems only marginally respond to compliance modes of management.  In the last ten years I have been more intentional about understanding other modes of management that are more effective.  I understand that others are on the same path and organizational change appears to be common ground for this work.

How does your current role link to OD/CM?

I am continually expanding and evolving my understanding about organizational systems, which includes personal, team, departmental, managerial, and executive.  The OCA has proved to be one of the vehicles I use to do this.  I have found the monthly topics informative and helpful in supporting my work.

Where do you see the field of OD/CM headed in the future?

I believe the last couple of decades has drawn attention to the deficits in strictly maintained hierarchal organizational systems, both in terms of facilitating personal accountability of each of its members, and in the efficient delivery and utilization of its talent.  I also believe that leaders at the top of the organization must internalize a different set of personal characteristics than those that have been traditionally prevalent.  Those will include ego-displacement, authenticity, systems-thinking, respectful interaction, attentiveness, self-mastery, and constructive patience.  I see various publications and curriculum trying to now address these areas.

How have you been involved in OCA?

I have attended some of the Friday / Saturday meetings and also participated in a service project for Meals on Wheels Atlanta.

What do you consider are your most valuable skills you can offer someone?

I am very skilled at:

  • Facilitating solutions to complex business challenges.
  • Integrating system-thinking discipline in to organizations.
  • Increasing the aptitude for personal-accountability for individuals at every level of the organization.
  • Increasing the business acumen of the organization by translating metrics into appropriate relevancy for wherever individuals operate in the organization, be they an executive, manager, or non-exempt contributor.

What do you want us to know that is special about you (personally or professionally, your business or both (here you may give us accolades, awards, interesting tidbits that make you unique, thoughts/philosophies, etc…)?

I have a substantive and diverse business background, which has included the roles of President, VP Operations, Director of Operations, Director of Business Development, and Division Controller.  I have complemented this background, and passion for understanding the ways in which individuals are most effective in an organization, by completing a MS in Leadership and Organizational Development and a BS in Management.  I have also been a serious student of the work of Steven Covey and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 

My work is heavily grounded in the belief that, if an organization has degraded into collection of spectators and/or a culture of victimhood, it is the collective responsibility of the organization to evolve itself from the dynamic that engendered it.  I have developed a proprietary model that assists individuals at every level of the organization to have keen awareness of the dynamics of victimhood and how to build immunity to it.


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