Member Spotlight: Perry Anne Scott

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Company Name: Converge Coaching & Consulting
Company Founded in: 2013
Business Industry: Talent selection and development
Target Market: Companies that want to select the right talent, and develop that talent well (no particular industry)
OCA Member Since: 2012


What makes OCA Atlanta important to you?

Being connected to local OD practitioners in an encouraging environment that offers continual learning.

How long have you been practicing organization development / change management?

I completed my masters in HROD in 2014, so I would say I’ve been officially practicing since then with my practice still finding its shape as I move forward!

How did you become interested in organizational change?

I was a training manager at Delta Air Lines in 1999 when OD expertise showed up in the form of a couple of newly-hired GE executives. They brought a level of OD practice we had never seen. I participated in an extensive Workout session and the result transformed Delta’s scattered training functions into a robust, matrixed learning organization. Once I saw the depth and breadth of OD work I knew that was where I wanted to contribute for the rest of my career. At about that time I left the corporate world to rear three children during which time I found myself impulsively and instinctively doing OD type work in various volunteer roles with non-profits that I care about.

How does your current role link to OD/CM?
I have great variety in my work, which is so refreshing. Most of my time right now goes to assisting Newell Rubbermaid in identifying competencies for key functions that are pivotal to their Growth Game Plan. I also provide talent selection consulting for organizations using the Hogan assessment. Having recently completed training with the College of Executive Coaching, I am excited to offer executive coach services as well.

Where do you see the field of OD/CM headed in the future?

I think the horizon of OD/CM prominently features building meaningful, productive culture in this global, virtual, fast-paced environment. That’s so challenging! As one who was outside of corporate America for 13 years and has recently returned, I can personally testify to how much things have changed. It is increasingly difficult for individuals to feel connected, to feel they are known and appreciated, and to feel that they personally make a difference. This is largely because of the global, virtual environment and the speed and load of work. Yet humankind has not evolved to a point of being devoid of these emotional needs (thank goodness)! So I see that co-creating and protecting culture is a critical, and challenging, aspect of the future for OC/CM.

How have you been involved in OCA?

I’ve benefitted tremendously from the meetings and have also participated on the Service committee, working to support change at Meals on Wheels.

What do you consider are your most valuable skills you can offer someone?

I think it is converging an organization’s strategy with talent selection and development for business impact (thus the name “Converge Coaching & Consulting”). I get excited about helping leaders consider their organizational goals and strategy, then determining their talent needs, and then helping them select and develop that talent in evidence-based ways. This requires deep listening, really good question asking, and facilitating meaningful discussion that always ties back to strategy.

What do you want us to know that is special about you (personally or professionally, your business or both (here you may give us accolades, awards, interesting tidbits that make you unique, thoughts/philosophies, etc…)?

I’ve been married to a wonderful man (David) for 18 years. We have two boys and a girl (Leighton- 12; Patrick 11; Elizabeth 8). We love to go tent camping. I love it because I like to be outside and because David does all the work. I do have a new rule that if the temperature falls below my age I don’t sleep outside.

If I could be anything other than what I am it would be along the lines of artist, landscape designer or interior designer. Making things beautiful is something I never tire of. However, I do not like crafts, much to my daughter’s dismay.




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