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Using OD to Shape the Customer Experience - What Would YOU Do?

In today’s workshop, Melanie Bowers will discuss how to use OD to shape the customer experience and share a real customer satisfaction challenge faced by the internal service organization of a large global enterprise.  What approach would you take?  What would you propose?  How would you measure and sustain the effectiveness of your proposed solution?  You’ll be able to compare your ideas with how the actual scenario played out.  The group will explore:


  • Insight into this real-life business challenge and how it played out
  • Lessons and ideas learned from discussion and exchange with other participants
  • Insight into global OD solution design and delivery


Each group will have about 10 minutes to discuss and then present their ideas.  Melanie will compare those ideas with her actual approach.  She'll move through each question one by one, then share how the story “ends”, and answer any general questions.



Melanie Bowers
2016 Bowers Headshot[4453]Melanie Bowers has nearly 20 years of experience as an OD&D professional.  She spent much of her career as an external management consulting supporting clients from both private industry and government.  More recently, she has worked in the consumer packaged goods industry delivering change leadership for organizational transformations, standing up new organizations, and designing and delivering global organizational capability development programs.

Price: $10.00

Date: May 18, 2017

Available Spaces: 49

The Leader As Coach: Becoming a Three Dimensional Leader

The greatest change in leadership in the last 30 to 50 years is here!  The leaders who will be in high demand in the future will be Three Dimensional Leaders – those who Produce Results, Build Relationships AND Develop Others.  Jerry Mabe will explain how the mass exodus of Boomer leaders and the influx of next gen leaders is creating this new dynamic.  At this month's meeting you'll learn:


  • How to measure the abilities of Results, Relationship, EQ, Trust and Developing Others
  • How to develop the abilities of Results, Relationship, EQ, Trust and Developing Others
  • Key components of The Leader As Coach


The best leaders add coaching principles and techniques to their leadership skills as the foundation along with EQ and Trust. Come learn how they do it.



Jerry W. Mabe

Jerry Mabe B-W Photo

Jerry Mabe is the co-founding president/CEO of RightPath Resources, Inc., a leadership and talent development company. RightPath has a vision and calling for leading individuals and organizations to align people, passions and positions to achieve maximum performance.  RightPath ResourcesÒ provides leadership and talent solutions, utilizing a proprietary Cloud based suite of assessments measuring hard-wired, natural behavior (Path4 and Path6), career development, EQ (emotional intelligence), and key leadership attributes (RightPath LQ360⁰).  RightPath also provides consulting services in leadership development and assessment, hiring, teambuilding, career development, Leadership Continuity (RightPath's approach to succession planning), family businesses and executive coaching.



Price: $25.00

Date: July 20, 2017

Available Spaces: 50