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August 16, 2018

Using Brain Science to Impact Change and Learning

In this month's presentation, Carla DiGiovanni will explain the basics in brain science.  We will examine how other functions apply this science to achieve business results, and learn how to apply science to change and learning programs.


September 20, 2018

Unleashing the Power of Influence

Great leaders influence people to their way of thinking and gain enthusiastic cooperation.  In this seminar, Wendy Johnson will help you learn how to use human relations and communication skills to influence people to your point of view and create alignment that gets results.


October 18, 2018

Nothing But Networking

You are invited to the second OCA Nothing but Networking gathering.  The purpose of this event is simple: get out and have some great conversations with like-minded change professionals, enjoy terrific food and drink and set the tone for some rewarding professional relationships that could benefit your career. 


November 15, 2018

Get The Edge: Become a Discretionary Effort Leader

Discretionary effort is the difference between what one is capable of bringing to a task, versus the minimum effort required to get by or make do, and still receive a paycheck.  Take a deep dive into this comprehensive and novel approach of 21st century leadership and become the leader people CHOOSE to follow, not HAVE to follow because of your place on the organizational chart.

Atlanta skyline

By Isawooty via Wikimedia Commons

2018 Calendar

 Date  Speaker Topic
Aug 16 Carla DiGiovanni Using Brain Science to Impact Change and Learning
Sept 20 Wendy Johnson Unleashing the Power of Influence
Oct 18 N/A Nothing But Networking
Nov 15 Karla Brandau Get the Edge: Become a Discretionary Effort Leader





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